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The boarding house's exterior.

Boarding House is a location in Short Cake Cake.


There are a total of three floors.

  • The 1st floor consists of the kitchen, living room, Ran's room, Aoi's room, and the girls' bathroom.
  • The 2nd floor consists of the boys' rooms and bathroom.
  • The 3rd floor consists of the rest of the girls' rooms.


There are two rules for people staying in the boarding house:

  1. Entering the room of the opposite sex is forbidden, unless it's an emergency. This rule doesn't apply to Yamaguchi Yuuto since he was given permission to enter any of the rooms so that he could be a tutor to the other residents.
  2. No dating inside the boarding house. Aoi said there was once a girl who was staying in the boarding house but was forced to transfer dorms half-way through since she broke the rule by bringing her boyfriend over to the boarding house. Dating itself isn't strictly prohibited, it's just that people aren't allowed to be with their significant other while inside of the boarding house because of rule #1 and the chance that it might disturb the other residents who're living there.