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Ten Serizawa (芹沢天; Serizawa Ten) is the protagonist of the manga. She moved from her hometown, Ryuunohara, to Nekochiya so that she could be closer to the high school there.


Ten after her makeover.

Ten has long and slightly wavy navy blue hair, with golden eyes. She is often seen with pigtails, except for when she sleeps.

Later on in the manga, Ten, with the encouragement of her friends, gives herself a makeover and cuts her hair to a much shorter length. She also starts using makeup and styling her hair in various styles.



  • Ten has Astraphobia; a fear of thunder and lightning. She said that in the past a tree was struck by lightning in front of her house and fell down, the lightning strike caused the tree to split in half. She's been afraid of thunder and lightning ever since. According to Ageha, this is Ten's only weakness.
  • Her and Ageha have known each other since primary school.
  • At one point in the manga, Ten's cellphone case has the Star Wars logo on it.
  • Her room number in the dormitory is 6.